GEAR REVIEW: Shay Butler Knives Feather Lite

By Johnny Mack

A sharp knife is a good knife and a high quality sharp knife specifically made for the backcountry hunter is the best knife. With that said, I am always on the lookout for new and better gear. When I came across Shay Butler Knives, I knew I needed to try one out. There was only one issue and it was that he didn’t make a specific lightweight knife option ideal for the backcountry. When I addressed this issue with him, an idea was sparked and his creation of the SKB Feather Lite was born!

History on Shay BUtler Knives

Shay’s story of how he ended up becoming a blade smith is pretty fascinating and worth listening to. He has been a hunter for a longtime and yet made a huge mistake of forgetting his knife on an elk hunt in Montana in 2015. When returning home from the hunt, he got the idea that is was time to make his own, and the rest is history. After I heard his story, I was blown away by it so much that I asked him to join me for an episode of my podcast which you can listen to by clicking HERE.

About the Feather lite

Anything that Shay does, is always done with the best work possible. He is a man that does not settle and it shows in his products he creates. When developing the Feather Lite, he set out to create the best tool that he knew how. His creation is a knife that feels great in your hand, has a broad cutting surface for skinning and even has a special bottle opener feature for when you return home! The knife is made out of AEBL stainless steel that is known for its durability, edge retention, and it’s ability to hold a very fine edge.

The Feather Lite’s G10 handles come in a variety of colors and you can even buy the Feather Lite cerakoted to give it a more distinct look. And not to be outdone, you can even have the knife engraved as you can see in the picture where it says my name and our mission statement of “Mentorship is Conservation.”


  • Super Sharp
  • Lightweight
  • Great edge retention
  • SBK will resharpen your knives
  • Large cutting surface
  • Doubles as a bottle opener
  • High quality AEBL Stainless Steel
  • Made in the USA


  • The large curve of the blade can make field sharpening difficult
The Feather Lite makes quick work of a mature mule deer buck


  • $215 base price (can be customized)
  • Action – Fixed
  • Blade Steel – AEBL Stainless
  • Weight – 2.2 oz. (without grips)
  • Overall Length – 7″
  • Sheath/Case – SBK Custom Embroidered Case
  • Made in the USA
A successful hunt made easier with a great knife


If you are interested in getting your hands on a SBK Feather Lite, I highly recommend them as your knife is just as personal and important as any other tool used for hunting. They are great in hand and make quick work of any animal you with field dress. The quality and features are very well done, are customizable and it is a purchase you won’t regret. The ability to trust your equipment and have confidence will allow everything to go much smoother once the real work begins.

Thanks for reading this gear review.  If you want to know more about the SBK Feather Lite and our experience with it, feel free to ask by clicking here. In the meantime make sure to check out our show SOUL SEEKERS on CarbonTV as well as follow us on Instagram @soulseekersnation.  Knowledge is power and MENTORSHIP IS CONSERVATION.

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