Whether you are brand new to hunting or a seasoned veteran, Soul Seekers is for anyone thirsting for adventure and a fresh perspective. Founded upon the mission of “Mentorship is Conservation,” Soul Seekers started a grassroots movement to reinvent and reimagine hunting as you know it. From their award-nominated show, podcast, public speaking and community events, they lead with the idea that you can never out-give good. It only takes a spark to start a fire, and now you can join us in inspiring a nation of Soul Seekers!

The Mission

Soul Seekers was founded upon the belief that mentorship in all aspects of life is important and needed.  Earning your stripes is paramount for reflection and growth.  However, sometimes the concept of earning your stripes is put before the teaching and learning process. In education, it is well known that mastery of knowledge is when you can teach others.  A teacher knows that a student has grasped a concept based on whether that student can teach their peers.  Nothing keeps you in check more than having to be accountable for why and how you do things.

When it comes to the recruitment of new hunters and the mentorship process, it is important to remember that mentorship does not remove the process of earning stripes.  What it does, is builds the stepping stones leading up to an obstacle and prepare them for the challenges ahead. How can you expect someone to drive a car safely if they haven’t had someone teach them?  How can you expect people to be safe with guns if gun safety is never taught?  Mentorship is the pinnacle for the growth of both the newbie and veteran alike.

So why don’t you ask someone unfamiliar with hunting to start?  Why don’t you take the time to help someone learn the basics of hunting that are not taught in schools or hunter’s safety classes? Often times there are arguments to be made against taking someone with you hunting.  But how often are the unspoken rules of hunting communicated to people that didn’t grow up in the community?

As you think about what you just read, know that inward reflection leads to outward correction.  If you love conservation and giving back so much, then why don’t you give back by teaching and helping others?  You can never out-give good.  And in the end, there is no greater joy to be had than watching someone you have invested time and energy into have success.

If you care about hunting lasting for generations to come, then what are you waiting for? Be the change you want to see in the world, and become a Soul Seeker as you join us in our mission of “mentorship is conservation.”

For a clear picture of our mission and to better understand how powerful investing in others’ lives can be, watch our “Mentorship is Conservation” film, which placed 3rd in the 2021 Badlands Film Festival.

The Team

Johnny Mack

AKA “Rev”


Johnny Mack is the founder, host and producer of Soul Seekers. He is an adult-onset hunter who completed his hunter’s education class at the age of 30 years old and experienced the transformative power that hunting offers. Notching his first tag four years later on a black bear in the mountains of Washington, he knew that there had to be others just like him looking for a community of support. Knowing firsthand how intimidating and challenging learning how to hunt can be, he created Soul Seekers to spread the mission of “Mentorship is Conservation” in order to inspire and support others along their way. Check out Johnny’s Gear.

Tony Ellersick

AKA “Two-Shot”

Video Editor/Producer

Tony is the video editor for Soul Seekers on CarbonTV and hails from Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Tony is the first person that Johnny recruited to start hunting, and his passion has only grown since then. When he is not hunting, video editing or at his day job as an electrician, you can find him on stage playing music for his church or hanging with his amazing wife Rebecca and his son Karsten.

Will Webber

AKA “Iron Will”

Social Media Manager

Will is the newest member of Soul Seekers and a living testimony to the power of our mission – “Mentorship is Conservation.” Johnny and Tony had the honor to take Will on his very first hunt while pursuing black bears and immersing him in what hunting is all about. After experiencing the transformative powers that hunting provides while challenging himself to stretch and grow as a husband, father, and leader, he chose to dive headfirst into joining the team. When he is not pursuing adventures in the wild, he is a business owner and spending time on his homestead with his beautiful wife Kelsey and two sons. Watch Will’s first hunt.