GEAR REVIEW: Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

By Johnny Mack

This last year I decided to try out a fixed blade knife for processing game instead of constantly having to remember to refill my replaceable blades. Once I settled on the Benchmade Altitude, I knew that a fixed blade is only as good as how sharp you keep it. With that in mind, I set off to find a small, lightweight and convenient sharpener that I could trust and rely upon while hunting.

After doing a lot of research and learning about the pros and cons of different sharpeners, as well as how they work with certain types of steel, I landed upon the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener. The Guided Field Sharpener is not the smallest or lightest offering from Work Sharp, but it is the most ideal for what I needed from a sharpener.

My first experience with Work Sharp was when shopping in Cabela’s and Sportman’s Warehouse. I would always walk past the knife section and see a display for Work Sharp and their electric sharpeners. Most of the time I would just continue to walk right on by until I decided my knife could use a fresh new edge.

The first time I sharpened my knife in the store, my blade came right back to life. Knowing that I couldn’t pack an electric sharpener with me on my backcountry adventures, I knew I needed to look into one small and light enough to do the job and this is where I found the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener amongst the electric sharpeners. On Work Sharp’s website it costs $34.95 but you can find it much cheaper at different locations such as Amazon for $28.99 plus prime shipping (LINK).

Benchmade Altitude coupled with a Worksharp Guided Field Sharpener


The Sharpener has quite an array of features for being so small. It will sharpen serrated blades, fish hooks and even broadheads. It has a leather strop to finish blades to a fine edge and you can rotate the ceramic rod for a coarse or fine finish. The sharpener also includes a 20° angled guide to help with the edge on both fine and coarse diamond plates. It also comes with a small instruction guide on the inside and back of one of the diamond plates.

What I love about this sharpener is no matter what I am trying to sharpen, it can handle it. I will not use it on kitchen knives, but like the title states, it is a “field” sharpener.

Instructions and explanation


Sharpening Angles – 20° and 25°

Included Abrasives – Coarse Diamond, Fine Diamond, Leather Strop, & Multi-grit Ceramic Rod

Extra Features – Broadhead Wrench, Fish Hook Sharpener, & Serration Sharpening Rod

Weight – 4.6 oz.

Overall Length – 6 3/4 in.

Warranty – Legacy Lifetime

The Benchmade Altitude is made in the USA.


If you are interested in getting your hands on a Work Sharp guided field sharpener, I highly recommend them.  The ease of use and dependability of the sharpener are excellent, especially when coupled with its size and weight.  The ability to keep and maintain a sharp edge on your knives while out in the field is not only a necessity but also paramount for safety.

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