Ep. 32 | Blacktail Hunting 101 – with Tom Ryle

Blacktail deer are considered the grey ghost of the PNW. To find any buck is a real challenge and requires a lot of persistence. On this episode we dive into blacktail hunting 101 as well as how Tom’s passion for hunting and conservation took him from the private sector to becoming an influential part of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. This episode is slam packed with nuggets to help you become a better hunter. So how do you become a better blacktail hunter? Tune in to find out more. Knowledge is power and through this episode you too can become your own #soulfulhunter.

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Website – pnwbowhunting.com

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  1. Thanks, Johnny! It was great to catch up with you and I love what you’re doing with the podcast. Thanks for all you do to promote mentorship, conservation, and building community.

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