GEAR REVIEW: Seekins Precision SP-10

By Johnny Mack

Washington Backcountry recently had the pleasure of heading over to Lewiston Idaho to the home of Seekins Precision.  If you have never heard of Seekins Precision before, one of the best “freedom manufacturers” in the country, they specialize in rifle and small parts manufacturing.

Seekins Precision was founded by Glen Seekins in 2004-2005. He first developed and designed a set of scope rings to replace a set that broke, costing him the opportunity of a harvest while hunting.  Seekins Precision is known for quality and like their name says, PRECISION.  When touring the factory and learning about the company,  Director of Quality Control Lukus Matoon said, “(most) manufacturer’s quality standards are equivalent to that of a human hair.  We quarter them.”

Seekins produces such high quality products that other companies clamor to team up with them.  One such company, Vortex Optics, is known for high quality glass with an unbeatable warranty, but they also offer a wide variety of other items.  Vortex recognized the fantastic work that Seekins was producing and decided to partner with Seekins to manufacture their precision scope rings (link to vortex rings).


If you have never held an AR-10 platform rifle, or are unfamiliar with them, they are by no means light.  In that, lies the beauty of the gun.  The added weight combined with the recoil reduction in the AR-10 platform is what helps make these guns so enjoyable to shoot.  Cutting ounces in the world of backcountry hunting is popular and trendy currently, but when you take hold of the Seekins Precision SP-10, you know that it means business.  These weapons, reminiscent of a high-quality heavy weighted Rolex watch, convey a sense of durability and precision.

I had the privilege of packing the SP-10 on a backcountry hunt, camping 9 miles from the trail head.  Certainly there are lighter choices in guns, however when choosing a gun that is a sub MOA gun with quick follow up shots, the benefits far exceed the extra weight.  I would not hesitate to pack in the SP-10 once again.

The 3 shot group test fired from the factory

Before leaving the factory, each gun is shot to check tolerances and shooting capability by Seekins Precision.  They guarantee each gun to be sub MOA and prove its potential.  If any gun does not meet the standards that Seekins expects, it is taken apart and reassembled until it does.

The AR-10 platform is the SUV of firearms.  One gun to rule them all.  If I had to choose one gun as my go to weapon, it would be the SP-10.

The SP-10 weighs in at 9 lbs with an 18″ barrel and 15″ handguard (not including optics, bipod, and suppressor).  So even though you are packing some weight, you will not be disappointed by the outcome of how well it shoots.

Seekins Precision SP-10 .308 WIN in its natural environment


Prior to hunting, I was an avid firearm enthusiast.  Before demoing the SP-10 on this hunt, I was by no means a stranger to the AR-10 platform.  I have had the privilege of shooting what others would consider top end rifle manufacturers AR-10’s (NEMO Arms, Christiansen Arms, & Aero Precision), and yet none of them compare to the quality and smoothness of the Seekins Precision SP-10.

Located above the mag release is the ambidextrous bolt catch/release

Some highlights of the gun that stood out to me when I first held and shot the SP-10 included its ambidextrous bolt catch/release, as well as the Timney competition trigger.  If you are familiar with the bolt catch/release design on AR platform rifles, you should understand the awkwardness it presents at times.  The ability to release the bolt or lock it back with the same hand that’s holding the gun is a unique and useful feature worth noting.  Seekins also chose a very high quality trigger group to put into the SP-10.  The Timney competition trigger is short, light, and crisp.  When you couple the trigger pull with Seekins very own ProComp 10x adjustable stock (which include adjustable length of pull and comb height), there should be no complaints about fit and feel of the rifle.

The last feature that really stood out was the SP3R handguard that Seekins designed.  It is completely flat on the bottom, which provides a solid shooting foundation when resting the rifle on shooting sticks, a backpack, or even a tree limb.  The other nice feature about the handguard design is that it gives a very positive grip on the gun when being carried in hand.

Highlights: Ambidextrous safety selector, mag release, and bolt catch/release, all with superb diamond texture.  As well as an extended trigger guard

When sighting in at the range I did not have the luxury of a lead sled to stabilize the rifle.  Instead I used a bipod and a rear sandbag.   Although this is not the most desirable solution to show the accuracy of the rifle, it is realistic when showing how precise it can still be even with human error.

Sub MOA three shot group at 100 yards


Stock – ProComp 10x          Feed Ramp – M4          Grip – MOE Plus

Trigger – Timney Competition          Selector – Ambi          BCG – SP10 Bolt Carrier Group

Lower – SP 308 Lower          Upper – 308 iRMT-3          Handguard – 15″ SP3R – 308

Gas Block – Seekins Adjustable          Gas Tube – Melonited Intermediate

Barrel – 18″ Stainless Match Barrel          Muzzle Device – ATC Muzzle Brake

We had the pleasure of demoing the .308 WIN version.  However Seekins also offers their SP-10 in a 6.5 Creedmoor version as well.  The only difference is barrel length and weight.  The 6.5 Creedmoor version sports a longer barrel of 22″ compared to the .308 with a 18″ barrel.  The added length in the barrel also bring the total weight of the gun up to 10 lbs.


If you are interested in getting your hands on a Seekins Precision SP-10 do not hesitate.  There is a high demand for their rifles, and you will not be disappointed in your purchase.  The SP-10 retails for $2550.  Good news for you, Seekins Precision is teaming with Washington Backcountry to offer you 15% off your purchase at  That includes completed rifles as well as all components to help you finish a build.  Just use the code WBC15 at checkout to save you 15% off your total purchase.  That is a substantial savings on quality firearms and parts.

Shooting the SP-10 for the first time
IMG_3167 (1)
A successful hunt with a fantastic rifle

Thanks for reading this gear review.  If you want to know more about the SP-10 and our experience with it, feel free to ask.  We will be releasing our bear hunt video that featured the SP-10 soon.  In the meantime make sure to go subscribe to the Washington Backcountry YouTube channel as well as follow us on Instagram @Washington_Backcountry.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Knowledge is power and MENTORSHIP IS CONSERVATION.

We used Hornady 165 gr. SST ammunition for our hunt

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