Ep. 213 | Living a Type 3 Life, Draw Odds & More w/ Paul Ronto

Today’s guest is Paul Ronto, the owner of Type3life.com and the Vertical Marketing Manager at onX Hunt. On this episode we cover a wide variety of topics including using Top Rut for increasing draw odd success, the origin story of Paul’s journey into hunting, why adventure and community are paramount for men in life and more. This is a great episode that you will not want to miss. Tune in to find out more and become a part of #soulseekersnation



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2 thoughts on “Ep. 213 | Living a Type 3 Life, Draw Odds & More w/ Paul Ronto”

  1. I’m a regular to the podcast, but I wanted to tell you I appreciate your mantra and mindset.
    As an LEO nearing the end of a 25 year career of sorrow and violence, I have returned to hardcore hunting to enjoy life and alleviate some of my personal demons.
    You have no idea the actual impact on those whose histories are difficult.
    I spent most of my career fight the worst of the worst in a SWAT environment, which was abruptly ended when my knee was destroyed in a fight with a felon. 3 surgeries in 11 months, I was told hunting, running and other activities were no longer an option. I lost my SWAT assignment and was removed from police patrol. I was at the end of my rope, had no desire to continue and my career seemed over.
    Sitting on the couch while is was convalescing, I watched YouTube hunting shows for the first time and went down the rabbit hole of podcasting, including yours. I made the decision to fight and overcome my disability, and did so.
    Just as with the combat veterans, PTSD in LEO’s a real and suicide is the leading killer of police professionals in the US.
    Listening to the programs you guys are involved with for struggling folks is what made me decide to reach out. Sorry to be long winded…..

  2. Brian, Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out and to listen to the show. If you wouldn’t mind sending us a message on our “Contact Us” page, we would like to connect with you further. Thank you so much for your service, vulnerability and courage to keep fighting the good fight!

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