Tired Of Shooting Dots On A Target?

By Johnny Mack

Tired of shooting dots on your archery target? Looking for a cheaper alternative than your standard foam 3D target? Take a look into Deadnuts Outdoors 2D real life archery targets.

I first became familiar with Deadnuts Outdoors and their targets in the spring of 2021 when I went to my local archery shop and shot at them for the first time. Since then, I learned that the company was local to the state of Washington and I wanted to know more. So I reached out and got connected with their owner, Corey Daniels. Corey is an awesome and kind hearted human that created a solution to his own problem. He was tired of shooting at dots and didn’t like how expensive 3D targets cost, so he set out to create a solution for real world hunting shots.

My first experience with Deadnuts Outdoors targets

About the 2D targets

The targets are made out of extremely durable, fluted polypropylene or in simple man terms, corrugated plastic. They have a removable and replaceable kill zone over the vitals and are a lot of fun to shoot at. Each target comes with two replaceable kill zone covers for when they get shot out and the imagery that Deadnuts Outdoors uses for their animals is top notch. Whatever distance you shoot at, it is hard to see the differentiation of where the removable kill zone is so it doesn’t distract you on your point of aim. It has mounting tabs that allow you to anchor the 2D target to your standard archery targets (I use nails to hold the target in place).


  • A lot of fun to shoot at
  • There are currently 10 different targets to choose from with more coming soon
  • Replaceable kill zones are cheap
  • If you want to shoot broadheads at the target, simply remove the kill zone for longevity purposes
  • Simple to use and replace


  • Can be tough to use in windy conditions unless your target is mounted like the very top picture.


  • Price ranges from $69-$159
  • Target Options: Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Turkey, Black Bear with more on the way.
  • Hanging Tabs included
  • Stabilizer Strips included
  • (2) Hardcore Vital Zones included
  • *Targets Require a backstop*

All in all, I highly recommend Deadnuts Outdoors archery targets to mix up your shooting fun and to help you with the shot of a lifetime. If you want to save 20% on all your Deadnuts Outdoors orders, use the code “soulful” at checkout. Thanks for reading this review. If you want to know more about Deadnuts Outdoors and their owner Corey Daniels, then check out my episode I recorded with him by clicking HERE or write us a message HERE. In the meantime make sure to check out our show SOUL SEEKERS on CarbonTV as well as follow us on Instagram @soulseekersnation.  Knowledge is power and MENTORSHIP IS CONSERVATION.

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