Contact Your Legislators & Get Involved!

By Johnny Mack

In today’s world of nonstop political action and divisiveness, it’s time we as hunters start getting involved more and have our voices heard. If you have never written a letter or called your local legislator to let them know how important hunting, fishing and trapping are to you and your life, then now is the time.

There are two organizations that are on the front lines of fighting for your right everyday and they are the Sportsmen’s Alliance and Safari Club International. Sportmen’s Alliance is one that is not your typical conservation group. They do not have state or local chapters and do not host any large fundraisers or banquets. They consistently battle for your rights and spread the word about what is happening on a national and state level.

Safari Club International or better known as SCI is a national conservation organization that is broken down by states and regional chapters where you can get involved in your local community. SCI prides itself in being the only hunting organization that has an office in Washington D.C. along with an in-house legal counsel ready to defend hunter’s rights at a moments notice.

The beautiful thing about both of these organizations is that they have compiled quick links for people to get in contact with their local legislators. Whether it is a pre-written letter, an email address or even a phone number, Sportmen’s Alliance and SCI are there to help. The helpful thing is, on top of providing you with an easy access point, you don’t have to be a member to use the resource, even though I recommend it.

Sportsmen’s Alliance

To access the resources you can click the link below for the Sportmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center or by going to and clicking on the Government Affairs tab which will lead to the Legislative Action Center Page where you can find the button that says “Directory” and search by your address. While you are there, take a look at becoming a member and let’s band together in taking a stand for what we love.

Safari Club International (SCI)

To access the resources that SCI offers, you can click link below to reach the Hunter Advocacy Action Center or go to and go to the ADVOCACY tab that opens a drop down menu. At the bottom of the drop down menu is a button that says, “TAKE ACTION.” Once you click on that it will take you to a page where you scroll down and have the option to become a member, which you do not have to be a member to use the resources. As you keep scrolling you will see a tile that says, “FIND YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.” Click on the tile and it will take you to a page where you input your information to identify your area.

Whether you become members of Sportsmen’s Alliance or SCI, be sure to take the time to stand up for what you love by contacting your local officials. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and it is always a good idea to advocate for hunting, fishing and trapping prior to it falling under attack. If you want to know more about both organizations you can listen to episode 33 (Sportsmen’s Alliance) and 34 (SCI) of The Soulful Hunter Podcast to get more in depth. Remember that you cannot out give good and that Mentorship is Conservation.

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