GEAR REVIEW: Tag Wallet by The Crazy Elk Company

By Johnny Mack

Sometimes in life you don’t realize what you have been missing out on until you experience it first hand and understand the need for it. This was my initial reaction when I came across the Tag Wallet by The Crazy Elk Company. As a newer hunter I was always concerned with how much electrical tape or zip ties I needed to carry with me on a hunt in order to attach my notched tag.

Enter the Tag Wallet. It is a zippered pouch that includes reusable zip ties (multiple sizes included) to store your notched hunting tags. Seems simple right? Well it is and that is the beauty of it. If you have ever come across a game warden while hunting, they will ask to see your tag. The last thing you want to do is cut your electrical tape or zip ties just to access the tag. The other things that constantly runs through my mind is the thought of losing my tag in the field by having it snag on thick brush during a pack out. With the Tag Wallet and the re-usable zip ties, my mind is put to ease knowing that my tag is safely secured.

For $12 it is a smart addition to any kill kit and something I can strongly recommend to all hunters. Whether you are hunting turkeys, antlered animals or predators, if the animal requires a tag, the Tag Wallet from The Crazy Elk Company is a great addition. Just be sure to check your local game regulations for proper tagging rules. Don’t forget to use the code “Soulful” at checkout to save 20% off your total order.

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