Join Us At The Western Hunt & Conservation Expo

Mentorship, Conservation & Primal Adventure

What does the next generation of hunting look like?

February 13-16, 2020 • Salt Palace Convention Center • Salt Lake City

Presented by Johnny Mack of Washington Backcountry & The Soulful Hunter Podcast

Have you ever had a powerful vision in your head or a call upon your soul for something more in your life? Maybe a passion for the great outdoors, a nostalgic love for the old west or a deep connection to nature in its purest form?

In a constant changing society that disconnects us more than ever, there is a need to return to the root of our existence and spark a flame to help us regain purpose and passion in our lives. The ability to provide and become self-reliant has become blurry along the way and it is time for all of us to reignite the spark in our own soul and in others. It was hunting that sparked the fire within my soul, and I believe there is an innate sense of primal adventure in all of us that seeks to be inspired.

In the seminar, you’ll discover there is a new generation of hunters emerging, nurtured by mentorship and guided by conservation. This is the future of our industry, and the next generation of hunters is waiting to be inspired and we all have a big role to play in it. Make sure to attend to find out how.

Seminar times:

Thursday February 13th at 4:15 PM & Sunday February 16th at 11:15 AM

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