This Is How I Hunt – No. 35 Clint Easley

by Johnny Mack

Hunting is hard.  Flat out. It takes patience, courage, and grit.  More often than not you are left with an unfilled tag in your pocket and a long walk back to the truck.  So why do it? Why put in so much time, money and effort if percentages do not go in your favor? I know why I do it.  I do it because the effort it takes to successfully harvest an animal is unlike any other feeling in life. Because with no risk there can be no reward.  It is what makes hunting and harvesting your own meat so special.

Being new to hunting, I constantly second guess myself and have doubt about if I am doing the right thing, especially since I never had a mentor to bounce questions off of.  It is my weakness. It is the internal battle that I struggle with when hunting. Have you ever had questions about what others would do in certain situations? Maybe you catch yourself not staying in the game mentally. I know I often do.  I find myself double guessing a move or a plan of attack when I hunt. Whether you are new  or experienced, hunting can be frustrating and defeating.

This series is meant to be a way to inspire, educate and motivate you when it comes to hunting.  Hopefully the advice and insight shared by our guests can help you feel like you are not alone in your struggle against the wild, while you build confidence in your chase.



WBC: What is your name?

Clint: Clint Adam Easley (named after Clint Eastwood)

WBC: Where are you from and where do you currently live?

Clint: I am from the beautiful state of Washington and currently live 10 minutes from the hospital I was born in. This apple may have gone far from the tree, but I came back baby!!!

WBC: What is your day job?

Clint: Outdoor Television Producer, Cameraman & Photographer

WBC: Do you have any family or pets?

Clint: Absolutely, family is the core of my inspiration to get up and hustle everyday! Jules (wife), Hunter (5 year old son), Meyer & PeeWee (Weenie Dogs), Hershey & Batman (Ducks), +20 chickens. My wife is like the mother of dragons from Game of Thrones only in this case chickens haha.

WBC: How and why did you get started into hunting?

Clint: It’s hard to put a finger on destiny, but straight outta the womb my dad had already bought for me a gun-slingin’ cowboy “rocking toy” about the size of a “tall” Starbucks latte cup. Simply said, guns and hunting were introduced at a very very early age. The BB-gun at age 4 and then a few years after that (whatever the youngest age allowed is for Hunter’s Safety Course)….took that and started waterfowl and pheasant hunting, followed with shooting my first deer around 10 or 12-ish years old.

WBC: Did you have a hunting mentor?  What did you learn from them and or what did you want or wished to learn from them?

Clint: My Dad as mentioned above was my big influence. Hunting, Fishing, Hiking…we’ve always been in the outdoors together and he was brought up doing the same by his father (my grandfather Emmett Easley).

WBC: What has been your favorite hunt?  Why?

Clint: The annual family mule deer hunt is always something I look forward to. It’s not even about the kill, but about that bonding time you get in God’s outdoors. Anytime you can get away from cell phone service and step into a moment in time where you share undivided attention with one another and go through struggles and successes together, it makes that bond and memory super special.

WBC: What has been your biggest struggle when it comes to hunting?

Clint: Time. I just don’t get to do what I love near as much anymore and I literally am in the hunting industry for a living. It’s tough to hunt with a weapon when you’re paying bills by hunting with a camera.

WBC: Our strengths can also be our weaknesses.  What are your weaknesses that can inhibit you on your hunts?

Clint: Not prioritizing myself. I have a passion for serving others and as great as that is, I very rarely put myself first for anything so I miss out on a lot.

WBC: What piece of gear can you not hunt without?

Clint: Beyond your typical hunting equipment response for me, it’s the camera. With just a few great pictures you can relive that entire trip over and over again, good, bad or ugly. It’s locked in to enjoy for years to come. For basic hunting gear, I think it’s always excellent to keep lighter, or some type of fire starter handy. Being able to have a fire re”kindles” the spirit and warms the heart.

WBC:  What is your favorite place to hunt and or species?

Clint: In all of the states, countries, and environments I’ve been in, nothing beats those high country mule deer hunts in Washington state for me! East or west side, both destinations offer incredible views, beautiful wildlife, and force you to earn it by getting off the beaten path. That is where you can test your true grit and find yourself as an outdoorsman. The Nike motto nailed it….JUST DO IT!!!

WBC:  What is one piece of advice you would have liked to have or known when you first started hunting?

Clint: The wind! Always check the wind. This was not engraved in me at an early age. I was aware of it, but we were never strict about depending on it. I lost out on a big whitetail and mule deer due to this, and simply being too young to really know better.

WBC: What is your favorite inspirational quote or verse?

Clint: Being a huge fan of Teddy Roosevelt’s book “The River of Doubt,” I’d say that his quote “It is hard to fail, but it is worse to have never tried to succeed” sits strong in my heart for always using that as a reason to push forward and take the next step/challenge.

WBC: Do you have a favorite social media page that inspires you to be a better outdoorsman? 

Clint: My dear friend Jeremiah Doughty @FromFieldtoPlate has an incredible page and is a fantastic mentor for the DIY hunter and outdoorsman. Definitely check his page out and give him a follow as he has excellent daily content!

WBC:  What is your social media account handles or website?

Clint: Website: / Instagram: @PeakPhotography & @PeakPhotographyWeddings – It’s a funny experience when you go from pulling an animal outta the mountains one day and the next you’re documenting a wedding in a downtown Tacoma cathedral….but there’s still the challenge of getting that “money shot” whether it’s the kill shot or kiss shot…there are no retakes….I love that challenge!


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