Episode 88: East Meets West Podcast | Mentorship is Conservation with Johnny Mack

On episode 88 of the East Meets West Podcast, Johnny Mack joins host Beau Martonik for a interesting and reflective podcast. Rather than talking about tips and tactics, they talk about mentorship, adventure and the deeper meaning to hunting. Johnny ends by talking about his first successful elk hunt after 4 years of trying.

The episode can be found anywhere Podcasts are found including iTunes, Stitcher, & YouTube. You can also listen by clicking the link below to go to the East Meets West’s website. If you enjoy the episode and gained something from it, please leave a comment or review and give the podcast a rating. As always, stay soulful!


Link to itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-088-mentorship-is-conservation-johnny-mack-washington/id1405059214?i=1000449232191

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