Is Mentorship What’s Missing In Hunting?

If you are an old salty veteran or brand new to hunting, you might have heard that hunter numbers have been declining for some time now. Every year that passes, the hunting community loses more hunters than it gains and the trend is not looking good.

Here at Washington Backcountry, we are on the forefront of hunter recruitment and mentorship. We know that it is “our” job as hunters to be ambassadors for what we love. We also understand how much hunting has impacted our lives and provided opportunities for adventure and a true sense of living. Something that is missing in a majority of peoples lives today.

Through bringing awareness to mentorship and hunter recruitment, Washington Backcountry’s Johnny Mack has been on a mission to talk about the struggles of becoming a hunter as an adult. He also brings a fresh perspective to what it looks like to be a mentor so new hunters can fall in love with hunting.

Johnny believes that hunting has the power to heal and transform lives through primal adventure. His mission of “mentorship is conservation” is the driving force of how Washington Backcountry is changing the views and minds of hunters and non-hunters alike.

In Episode 170 of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast presented by Exo Mountain Gear, Johnny joins Mark Huelsing and Steve Speck to talk about how mentorship is missing in hunting. The Hunt Backcountry podcast can be found on Itunes, Podbean, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. #mentorshipisconservation

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