GEAR REVIEW: Hunter’s Blend Coffee

Do you smell it?  The beautiful aroma of delicious fresh coffee being made in the morning.  That wonderful sound of coffee dripping down into a pot, or percolating on the stove.  These are the sounds that remind us that it is time to focus.  That it is time to prepare.

Some things in life are a necessity by need, others by choice.  In my life, it is a staple in my morning ritual to start my day off with a hot cup of coffee.  My question to you is, what coffee is in your mug?  What companies are you supporting by purchasing their product month after month?  As hunters, we are familiar with taking a stand for what we believe in.  Whether it is protecting our 2nd Amendment rights or working towards the protection of our public lands, if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

Hunter’s Blend coffee is made by a company that believes in taking a stand.  They are avid hunters and coffee drinkers that give back by supporting organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Whitetails Unlimited, and numerous more.  Every step of the way in bringing you an amazing cup of coffee, has been in the hands of a hunters and a pro-hunting company.

About the coffee

Hunter’s Blend is currently available in an original roast, a decaf blend, as well as a dark roast that they call their Black Powder Roast.  Their coffee is sourced directly from family coffee farmers out of Nicaragua and Thailand, bypassing middle men.  They currently offer whole bean, ground, and single pods for each, and are in the process of creating a pour over version that is individually packed for those of you who like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the backcountry.

The next time you buy coffee, remember that there are companies out there that are like minded and supporting the same causes that you do.  So why not support them?  If you want to know more about Hunter’s Blend Coffee you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or at

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