The Soulful Series | Chapter 5 Clint Easley

Washington Backcountry and The Soulful Hunter Podcast know first hand how hunting has the power to transform lives through primal adventure. It is the driving force behind our mission and now it’s time to celebrate the success and share the stories. In this series you will get a first hand look into the lives that have been impacted by what hunting has to offer. It is something that is rarely shared or talked about and through the vulnerability of our guests, we hope that you find inspiration for your own transformation.

the Soulful Series | CHAPTER 5

Written by Clint Easley

My name is Clint Easley and I am a 36 year old Washingtonian living in the beautiful Skagit Valley, known for it’s famous tulip fields, Mt. Baker ski resort and a fantastic waterfowl migratory route among many other incredible attractions. You know you’re in a great location when you can hit 3 national parks within a 3 hour radius. Simply said, it’s a little piece of paradise!

I am a father to an amazing 5 year old son Hunter, husband to the most incredible wife of 10 years Jules, and our two dogs Meyer (dachshund) & Scoobs (lab puppy). We are constantly outdoors both at our home (@MiniManor for you Instagram friends) and through adventuring on hikes, camping trips, you name it.

The outdoors is a sanctuary to me. A happy place where I can clear my mind, soak in the fresh air and talk to God. When I was young, I remember my father was super passionate about smelt fishing in LaConner WA (a quaint little fishing town near Anacortes). He’d get up around 4 a.m. on the weekends during the season and would take me along for some quality father son time. In route to our fishing dock we’d always stop for a small carton of chocolate milk and one of those mini chocolate donut packages you commonly see at the gas station. Though it was a simple purchase, it’s a memory that I still cherish prior to the success of our fishing day.

As I grew older, my father introduced more outdoor experiences. Taking me on pheasant hunts, duck hunts, and eventually my first deer hunt around age 10. The passion for being outside has always been in me, but certainly influenced by doing what dad did (I’d take building tree houses and getting dirty over video games any day). As time continued, we always set aside time to spend our annual hunting trip together in pursuit of Mule Deer in the eastern mountains of WA. Being better fishermen and “not-so-educated” DIY deer hunters, we’d have more of a blast getting to camp and eating top-ramen and hotdogs off of the tailgate on some back country road over killing an animal. It was there that we could create the long lasting memories together. Harvesting an animal was simply a double bonus. 

I am now carrying on this tradition with my son. The outdoors will change you for the better. It will build your confidence & determination, help you understand that through any failure there is still a much larger victory, and you are capable of accomplishing great things through the simplicity of persistence. Not to forget that those sunrises, sunsets and wild game dinners are appreciated on a level that can’t be explained until you personally do it.

Since hunting with my father, I have grown into a career producer & cameraman filming for the outdoor industry. I have documented hundreds of hunts for some wonderful folks. Being able to contribute my time and help preserve those memories is a dream come true. I’d never imagine in a million years it would have become my job, but it’s tough to really call it work. When I am not behind the scope I am still fulfilled with capturing amazing footage with my camera (It has it’s own set of challenges and rewards).

If you’re new to hunting and the outdoors and are thinking about the idea of getting out there, I cannot encourage it enough! It’s an absolute life-changer and the best form of therapy for the healthiest you. It’s truly powerful!!!

But one important thing for when you go, please don’t forget to invite me : ) Get outdoors!!!

Cheers to the next adventure,


Clint Easley | Instagram – @revolentertainment

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