The Soulful Series | Chapter 4 Adam Kunz

Washington Backcountry and The Soulful Hunter Podcast know first hand how hunting has the power to transform lives through primal adventure. It is the driving force behind our mission and now it’s time to celebrate the success and share the stories. In this series you will get a first hand look into the lives that have been impacted by what hunting has to offer. It is something that is rarely shared or talked about and through the vulnerability of our guests, we hope that you find inspiration for your own transformation.

the Soulful Series | CHAPTER 4

Written by Adam Kunz

My name is Adam Kunz. I’m 45 years old, a husband (happily married for 20 years) and a father of two. A Son who is 16 and daughter 14. I’d be remiss to leave out our 5 year old lab Birdie who is the best hunting dog I have ever had. 

I can’t remember a time that hunting wasn’t involved in my life. I was so fortunate to have a father that never said no to anything that got us outdoors. Fishing, big game, turkey, upland or waterfowl hunting, you name it we did it. I have a vivid memory from when I was really young waking up in the middle of the night half asleep waiting next to my father’s hunting gear.  I was confused and frustrated, not having any understanding of why I couldn’t go with him. When he woke up and started to pack the truck, I begged him (tears and all) to take me.  I was probably only 4, maybe 5 years old. It wasn’t long after that he got the green light from my mother and started taking me on 1/2 day hunts. That small flame only grew into a full fledged inferno of passion for all things hunting. 

About 20 years ago, shortly before I got married, I made a conscious choice to stop hunting big game. It had more to do with my understanding of how much time I would need to devote in order to “achieve success”. In other words, at that time in my life I was trying to do everything (big game, fishing, bird hunting) and nothing particularly well. Yes, I was outdoors a lot which was great, but I wasn’t able to translate that into consistent harvest or even seeing much game. So I switched my mindset and focused on all things birds. 

I have freelanced hunted waterfowl and upland in 8 states and 3 Canadian provinces. For me that is the ultimate hunting experience. To go outside my comfort zone and try and figure out new areas. It took me a number of trips chasing my own tail to Canada to figure things out but the reward has been sights, sounds, and experiences most only dream about. 

As I get older, the blood thirst has subsided. I still love to pull the trigger and enjoy the wild meat, but I’ve learned that it’s the split second before the shot when everything comes together that honestly drives me. The moment when all the scouting, preparation, travel, and frustration pays off.  

In short, I appreciate all forms of hunting and the experiences associated but birds have become all consuming in my life. It is a 360 day a year obsession. When the season end, I start planning for next fall.  Cheers

Adam Kunz | Instagram – @wingmanpacnw

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