The Soulful Series

Washington Backcountry and The Soulful Hunter Podcast know first hand how hunting has the power to transform lives through primal adventure. It is the driving force behind our mission and now it’s time for you to be apart of it.

If you have ever felt like you have had a story to tell and not known what to do with it, now is your chance. We are currently searching for people who have had their lives transformed through the power of primal adventure. If you follow the podcast or have had the opportunity to dig into some of our articles, then you will know just how powerful and transformative hunting can be.

As a way to celebrate the stories and to promote hunting, we are looking for people who are interested in sharing theirs. If you are someone who feels inspired to share how hunting has impacted your life, now is the time.

Submission Requirements:

1000 words or less

Include 3-4 pictures of yourself and adventures

Address the topic of how hunting has: molded, shaped, helped, provided purpose, direction or discipline to your life.

Submit your story by clicking HERE

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Chapter 1 | Jeremy Sample

Chapter 2 | Christian “Rev” Armstrong

Chapter 3 | John Brooks

Chapter 4 | Adam Kunz

Chapter 5 | Clint Easley

Chapter 6 | Rob Keating