soulful hunter podcast

Turkey Hunting 101

By Travis Arnott

Veteran turkey hunters all too often hear the phrase “I don’t know where to go” or “I don’t know anyone to show me the ropes” when talking with new hunters. A quick look into how I got started may help put your fears at ease.  After all, hunting in the spring when the temps are in the 60’s and 70’s and not 38 and raining, is a nice change from the grey Pacific Northwest that we deal with quite often.

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GEAR REVIEW: Tag Wallet by The Crazy Elk Company

By Johnny Mack

Sometimes in life you don’t realize what you have been missing out on until you experience it first hand and understand the need for it. This was my initial reaction when I came across the Tag Wallet by The Crazy Elk Company. As a newer hunter I was always concerned with how much electrical tape or zip ties I needed to carry with me on a hunt in order to attach my notched tag.

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Episode 88: East Meets West Podcast | Mentorship is Conservation with Johnny Mack

On episode 88 of the East Meets West Podcast, Johnny Mack joins host Beau Martonik for a interesting and reflective podcast. Rather than talking about tips and tactics, they talk about mentorship, adventure and the deeper meaning to hunting. Johnny ends by talking about his first successful elk hunt after 4 years of trying.

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