Why Societal Pressures Have Created an Aversion to Hunting

by Lou Lou Durant

Society wants to domesticate us. 

Think back to when we were little kids. Unburdened by the plagues of everyday life – work, politics, social conflict… That was true, unadulterated freedom. 

We were open books before our pages were written on. And, we weren’t the ink that originally wrote our story. It isn’t until we become adults where we truly begin to evaluate the belief systems that we learned as children. 

This is all to say that before we had our instincts stifled by omnipotent societal pressures and the melodrama of everyday expectations, we were free

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A Letter From The Soulful Hunter

By Johnny Mack

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Try to take yourself back to your mindset when you were there? Were you nervous? Unsure? Felt lost and maybe even overwhelmed?

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